Duffers and Social Media

I realize that sometimes folks are starving for information.  Often times, POA announcements not ready to publish to the masses and more often than not, misinformation, speculation and some blatant lies end up on social media.  Let me provide a good example: Duffers kitchen hood – It has been stated that the Duffers kitchen hood was moved from the ski lodge for use at Duffers Tavern.  This is simply not true.  In fact, the kitchen hood at Duffers was never removed at any point during the remodeling of the building and never came from the ski lodge.

The issues that we are currently facing at Duffers involves the ventilation fans that draw the smoke away from the grills & fryers.  We added some equipment after remodeling and later found that the fans were not drawing the smoke sufficiently out of the building.  We will have the issue resolved asap, but until then, we had to close the restaurant.  Safety and customer experience come first.  Our parts should be here Thursday and our goal is to be back open for dinner service on Friday.

You may remember that there were no communications that went out at the immediate opening of Duffers.  The fact is, it was a very tight deadline and our final inspections from the PLCB & from Sandy Twp were scheduled for the afternoon of May 1st.  Without having the green light from both of those entities, we were NOT going to open the restaurant and we could not announce the opening to the masses.  I personally walked the building with both inspectors and that was completed by approximately 3pm on May 1st and we opened doors at 4:30pm that day.  At that time, folks poured into the restaurant and it was on social media within minutes.  This is an example of where we simply could not publish the information until we were certain that we could.

While I am at it, let me dispel these rumors … Omni was invoiced for their stay during the Duffers remodel and no Omni employee or contractor received any free accommodations, at any point, ever.  I can’t be more clear.  Also, at no point, did we have POA employees or equipment used during the remodel unless 1, it was outside the scope of the remodel or 2, we invoiced the contractor for labor and equipment rental.  The #2 here refers to a damaged sewage line during remodel which I found the sub-contractor responsible for (the contractor agreed) and the POA invoiced the contractor for all wages and equipment use.

I ask that in the future, you might find it in yourself to not simply assume that what is said on social media is factual.  Frankly, it seems that the majority of the negativity is meant to create a community uproar.  It is sad.  If you truly want Treasure Lake to succeed, I ask that you not fan the flames of negativity, especially when untrue and unsubstantiated.  I will provide updates soon as to the many positive things that we should be talking about.  Optimistically, I would rather be discussing goals of beautifying Treasure Lake, creative ways to fix more roads than planned, hiking/biking trails, collaboration efforts with Sandy Twp and so on.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at admin@tlpoa.us.

Ed Clark, General Manager