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“Our Purpose”…

…”Deliver excellent service and a quality experience EVERY TIME”.

The POA Team is dedicated to serving you, the property owner, and your property values.  Our vision is to ensure that Treasure Lake remains a premier semi-private gated residential community. Our various departments work together to ensure that living within Treasure Lake is truly a “Lifestyle to Treasure”.  Our small but hardworking and driven team continually provides year-round services such as road and amenity maintenance (golf courses, lakes and beaches, marina and more); entertainment and events of all kinds, restaurants, and sporting opportunities to name a few, all in a secure environment.


“We have lived here since the summer of 2004 and have had the same home since 2002, which we used part time and rented the rest of the time. We love Treasure Lake. We were attracted to Treasure Lake because it has public water and sewer and, now, in much of the Lake area, natural gas. The homes are varied in construction and, for the most part, well cared for. The homes are situated in an area of natural beauty, consisting of beautiful lakes and forests and two very beautiful golf courses. There are ample opportunities for swimming, boating, hiking, running, biking, cross country skiing, and other sports. The homes and assessment, in comparison to like communities throughout the United States and Canada, are reasonable. Treasure Lake offers all of the above in a serene and peaceful surrounding, which is just about everything one could ask for in a lifestyle! It is not only a place where we live and work, but a place where we can “vacation in” and, ultimately, where we will retire!”
Craig and Mary Kay Marshall, Residents Since 2004

“We were transferred from New Hampshire. After looking in the local area, we decided on Treasure Lake because it reminded us of the New England landscape and it had “extras” such as the golf course and the beaches that were very appealing. Treasure Lake is more than a place, it is a feeling. The best way to describe living here is to give an example – at the end of the day, when you are going home, and you come to the view of the Lake at the crest of the hill – that scene makes you say or think “ahh – I’m home.”  Seeing the Lake reminds us of the natural beauty of our community, our home on the golf course and our great friends that reside here. It is a special place.”

Sally, Jules and Ed Moran, Resident Since 2001

“Ron and I moved here approximately 1 ½ years ago from New Mexico, which was quite a change in scenery and culture.  We absolutely love our home in Treasure Lake.  I was fortunate to meet this beautiful lady that befriended me quite soon and introduced me to the people and the “Lake.”  There is so much to do in Treasure Lake and this vicinity, like the beautiful golf courses, the bridge playing, the quilting, the yoga classes, and more and more and more.  The lakes are beautiful with their white beaches – they are a place where one can relax and let their grandchildren play.  My new friend once told me “The treasure in Treasure Lake is the people, not the place.”  In a very short time I found this to be so true.  We were total strangers and the people in Treasure Lake have made us feel a “part of the community – a part of them.”  I had never lived away from my home town, but here in Treasure Lake, I already have more friends and am as happy as I’ve ever been!  Come for the beautiful scenery and make this your home with the beautiful people of Treasure Lake.”
Ron and Linda Awtrey, Residents Since 2008

“Tom took a position with Penn Traffic in 1983.  We were living in Des Moines, Iowa, after leaving Seven Springs, PA where I was Sales Manager.  Tom was Merchandising & Marketing VP for Super Valu.  We knew we were not going to stay in Iowa, and Treasure Lake was the deal-maker.  We visited in December and moved in February.  My family thinks we moved from one resort to another!  To live in “The Lake” is one advantage, but to live in a community where we have made some very special friends makes all the difference.  We have taken advantage of every asset of “The Lake” and have enjoyed life in the Greater DuBois area – they are not mutually exclusive!   This is a great area to raise kids, practice your profession (teaching), work in local commerce, and hopefully make it possible to enjoy retirement with good health and good friends.”
Carol and Tom Korthaus, Residents Since 1983

“We moved to Treasure Lake in 1991.  Born and raised in the DuBois area, we were looking for a place that would give us the feel of living in the woods, with water and sewage provided.  I love it here and would not want to live anywhere else in Pennsylvania.  The lakes offer stunning views; the sunsets on Bimini Lake are awesome.  There is a sense of serenity when you enter the gates.  Just a real relaxed feeling that has not gone away after all these years.  I still stop to watch the wildlife; from the buck with a majestic set of antlers to the bear walking up the green of the Gold Course to the bald eagle flying effortlessly over Bimini Lake.  The brilliant fall foliage lines all the roads in Treasure Lake in the fall.   When winter rolls around, the fresh fallen snow glistens off the branches making it a winter wonderland, and the lush green foliage in the summer makes Treasure Lake a picture perfect community.  The eclectic styles of homes make it a departure from the ordinary “cookie cutter communities”.  People in Treasure Lake come from all walks of life and all parts of the world, making the new found friendships so interesting.”
Carol and Tom Foltz and Family, Residents Since 1991


To call or email Board of Directors or the staff of Treasure Lake Property Owners Association please feel free to utilize these contact lists.

Staff Contact List

Treasure Lake Property Owners Association, Inc.

Phone: (814) 371-0711
Fax: (814) 375-9072

Receptionist: Ext. 100

Administrative Offices: Ext. 102

Human Resources: Ext. 102

Information Technology: Ext.104

Collections Manager: Ext. 108

Accounts Payable: Ext. 111

Accounting Manager: Ext. 115

Events:  Ext. 105

Recreation Manager: Ext. 105

Marketing: Ext. 106

Property Control: Ext. 110

Marina Manager: Ext. 105

Officer in Charge:  Ext. 300

Director of Golf: Ext. 405

Lakeview Lodge Manager: Ext. 105


Security: (814) 913-1460


Lakeview Lodge & Conference Center: (814) 913-1430

DuBois/Treasure Lake KOA Office: (814) 913-1437

Tennis Shack: (814) 375-1717

Gold: (814)-913-1482   •   Silver: (814) 913-1480

19th Hole Tavern: (814) 913-1481   •   Duffers Tavern: (814) 913-1483

Crown Resorts: (814) 375-1800

Treasure Lake One Stop: (814) 371-5070

Treasure Lake Church: (814) 371-1376

BOD Contact List

2023-2024 TLPOA Board of Directors

  • President – David Distler
  • Vice President – Barry Miller
  • Secretary – Ed Moran
  • Treasurer – Ken States
  • Director – Lois Sweetland
  • Director – David Kaczmarek
  • Director – Dave Lombardo
  • Director – Tony Cavaiola
  • Director – Lori Corcoran


If you would like to contact the TLPOA Board of Directors or a particular member of the Board please send a letter to:

Executive Assistant
TLPOA Administrative Offices
13 Treasure Lake
Dubois, PA 15801

If your correspondence is of a confidential nature, please place it in a sealed envelope inside the mailing envelope with the director(s) name clearly marked on the interior sealed envelope. The executive assistant will contact the director(s) and ensure that they get the correspondence. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please call the TLPOA Administrative Offices at 814-371-0711 ext. 102 or send an email to: admin@treasurelake.us.


    Want to work for the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association? We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. Below are links to our PDF Employment Applications.  To apply for a position, fill out the application that applies to your situation and bring it to our office at 329 Towne Center Circle or email it to admin@treasurelake.us.

    Lifeguards Wanted – Summer 2024

    Seasonal Positions 2024

    Please visit our site again for future job postings that may relate to your experience and talents.


    We can use your help! From cleanup and general maintenance around our neighborhoods, help with events, decorating opportunities and more, we really appreciate the abilities and efforts of our community. If you would like to contribute your time and abilities to be a part of the team, just let us know and we will accommodate your wishes. And thank you in advance!

    Please call us at (814) 371-0711 ext. 100 and let us know your thoughts.

    Communication is something we all take for granted.

    Miriam Margolyes


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